6GEN 3.6 CVT - tuned by Kido Racing (Matt Mcleod)

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6GEN 3.6 CVT - tuned by Kido Racing (Matt Mcleod)

Postby Tradewind » Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:04 pm

Matt did a hands on tune a week or so ago

A very good car was made much more responsive, it's the ultimate commuter and has a lot of extra punch at highway speeds. Off the line up to 80 is vastly improved. The 3.6 will never match the 3.0 manual for fuel econ on city commuting. The 3.0 I owned with Raptor headers and RAM intake would do 9.2 liter per 100 where's the stock tuned 3.6 is more like 10 on identical commute - bigger motor = higher fuel burn rate

At the same time we developed a new tuning part for the 3.6 - super flow MAF and tune to suit, this really gives the motor a lot more pull in the mid to high rpm where the stock MAF typically strangled the motor. It now throws the car firmly forward at each ratio change in the CVT.

If you have a 6GEN then a retune offers a lot of benefits, the 0-80 difference is significant, its a difference you notice at every set of traffic lights.

Will get the super MAF out as something new for the 6GEN and 5GEN
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