MY16 3.6R Exhaust MOD Options

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MY16 3.6R Exhaust MOD Options

Postby Khoda_84 » Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:02 pm

Hi Guys,

I am looking at putting together a mod list specific to Exhaust Mods available in the marketplace as I am wanting to add these to my car

As a new owner of an EZ36 MY16 3.6R Black Liberty :D I have been looking for support on which mods to do, mainly for the exhaust, trying to bring back that Suby Note!

So far this is what I have found, I welcome comments from people with added knowledge and also what they have found:

Headers, from Raptor
These look great and I have heard good reviews about these.

From here, I have seen people suggesting to do a custom fit for the dual resonator pipe as that may restrict airflow... Any suggestions as I am happy to keep this pipe stock if theres no need to modify.

Then theres the mid pipe from the cat, I have not seen much as in whats available on the market for this so I am happy for suggestions.

Then we have the final Y pipe and mufflers, I have been sourcing the web for days/weeks and have seen a few manufacturers offer this and some only offer the 2010-14 versions. Here is what I have found:

Nameless Performance offer the axelback here
But I would be happy to see if they did the cat back option, which offered the mid pipe too!

MagnaFlow, not much here that I am interested in... Unless someone can blow me away with a 2016 3.6R GEN6 that has these fitted??

Invidia Exhausts, I have seen on some forums that people get the Q300's and have their local exhaust shop do modifications as these are not a direct bolt on to the 6GEN 3.6R.

Perrin... Meh

Lachute - Offered to fabricate the catback version which is a spin from what they did for a previous GEN liberty 3.6R, but the price was about $2K. Maybe they are really good quality and I am happy to hear someones thoughts??

So, lets start a discussion on suitable exhaust mods for these new Lib's and see what we can acheive.
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Re: MY16 3.6R Exhaust MOD Options

Postby tigger73 » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:30 pm

I'd recommend the Raptor headers and a Kido tune. This will net some nice gains in performance and drivability.

The axle-back systems are for noise only. You could go with the Nameless axleback systems, however I'm not sure if these have been 100% confirmed to fit Japanese built cars. So you may end up back at square 1 and need to do some modifications. In which case you may as well have got something custom built to start with.

I'd be steering clear of 6" cannons or straight pipes but that's just personal preference :wink:
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Re: MY16 3.6R Exhaust MOD Options

Postby Tradewind » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:52 pm

Raptor is creating a new header specific to the 6gen car
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