Oil Leak (oil pan seal?) (was a split CV boot)

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Re: Oil Leak (oil pan seal?) (was a split CV boot)

Postby norbs » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:45 am

Just replaced mine.

I ordered the kit that BillyCorgi posted. Quality item at a very good price and comes with grease.

I couldn't re-use the stock clips as they were too tight/hard to fit so I used the bands that came with the kit. However, you will need a Boot Clamp Banding Tool similar to this (ebay has heaps):-

As for the job itself, I followed this video as a guide:-

Doing this at home on stands, I found this was a 2 person job as in addition to the video above, I had to remove the steering control rod as well as pop the ball joint in order to get enough clearance to remove the trunnion completely. You need an extra pair of hands to hold the rotor/break assembly especially when putting back in.

Oh yeah, it's a really messy job so have plenty of rags handy :x
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