Raptor SC on 253 with 10-11psi and water/meth

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Raptor SC on 253 with 10-11psi and water/meth

Postby pcampbell » Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:08 am

Has anyone tried running one of these with water/meth injection?

I've read on the US Sand rail guys run 10 psi with race gas , but that is a turbo - much much higher load because the 10 psi is at like 4000rpm, maybe lower. So I feel that with the Raptor water/air intercooled SC and water/meth injection, 10-11 psi should be relatively easy on the 253. Any thoughts?

I think 250whp should be pretty easy. 275 might even be possible. My goal is to demonstrate the most powerful all stock (motor wise) 253. I don't go around flooring it everywhere I go so I am not real concerned with 11 psi @ 6400 rpm with a good spray of 50/50 water/meth keeping it cool.

I don't know what the rods or pistons will handle, but those are going to be the weak point. But with that water/meth, keeping it cool... who really knows what the limit is.

BTW I am not starting from scratch. All of the infrastructure is in place.

Tapped for water/meth injector the other day.
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