Subaru liberty grinding noise 2000rpn

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Subaru liberty grinding noise 2000rpn

Postby AG-Kua » Tue Mar 16, 2021 11:08 pm

I've had my 2005 subaru liberty 2.5i manual for 3 weeks or so and everything was fine, 70000km no mechanical faults besides the clutch bearings which are a bit used and make noises on hill starts sometimes.

My issue all of a sudden came on 2-3 days ago when I was driving around 2000rpm in second. A grinding almost metal sound started but then it stopped pretty fast. Realised now it happens most in first too second gear while the clutch is mostly in so creeping forwards when you get the revs close to or over and then let go from 2000rpm. There is no power drop and the car drives as well as when I bought it. The noise only happens when the car is warm or close to warm and is worst when I am manovuring my driveway, when it happens in the driveway the noise continues while idling. The noise.
I have it booked in for a mechanic to look at it in a few weeks but wondering what the cause would be. I first thought the noise was from the engine but it's most noticeable underneath the car as shown in the video.
The car has never been pushed too hard and is mainly used for regular driving. Only a few times in the national park has it been pushed a bit, but still speed limit wise and no redlining.
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Re: Subaru liberty grinding noise 2000rpn

Postby bigBADbenny » Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:04 am

The scope is broad so try a site specific forum search like this: ... s-wiz-serp
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