EJ25 NA intermittent warm start issue

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EJ25 NA intermittent warm start issue

Postby Mooti » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:05 pm

Hey all, first time forum post and its a bit of a odd one since the problems a bit weird so ill get right into it.

Been driving a Gen 3 liberty NA EJ25 for almost 6 months now with about 300k kms on it and it has no trouble starting cold however if its warmed up and stopped and left to cool for say 5-10 mins it wont start no matter what. I've tried cranking for 1-2 seconds, 5-8 seconds and also tried half and full throttle as per manual instructions. The only thing that seems to work is waiting another couple of minutes and then itll take.

It seems odd that cold starting is not an issue and if it was flooded, the technique in the manual of full throttle while cranking doesnt help.

I suppose the question is, has anyone had a similar issue or heard about something similar? From the small amount of research ive done, i dont think its an IACV problem but i stand to be corrected.

Thanks in advance for the help,
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