Expert Advice Need please - 08 Tuned by STi engine

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Expert Advice Need please - 08 Tuned by STi engine

Postby MelbSTiWagon » Sat May 19, 2018 2:09 pm

Hi all,

So murphys law hit me, I couldnt sell my 08 liberty wagon tuned by sti after spending $5,000 to get it ready for sale.

I decided to accept a wholesale price. The day before taking it there my engine threw a rod and is now a paper weight.

So I have decided to keep the car as a second car to keep the kms down on the car i just bought.

I found a replacement engine through a large nation wide parts speciallt, gave them my VIN and they confirmed the engine they had would fit my car.

Engine arrived, mechanic put it in, wiring loom wasnt the same. After a call to Subaru I was told that in fact the EJ25 2006-2009 gen 4 GT-B engine would not fit my car as the one i bought was a 2007, it MUST be the same year, 2008.

To their credit the parts company not only gave me a refuns but also paid the $1,740 install and removal bill of the engine they advised was the right one.

So......I have 3 options. First option is to get my engine reconditioned at a quote of $6,000. Second option is to buy a reconditioned engine with brand new STi block etc from All Drive Subaru in NSW for $7,800.

Final option (and cheapest) is to find a 2008 engine to fit (as there were only 250 of my vehicle made I feel it might be like looking for a needle in a haystack) OR does anyone know if a 2008 GT-B engine would still work? OR would the wiring loom be different to the tuned by STi loom?

Unless anyone on here has other advice/options or knows of a 2008 tuned by STI liberty engine for sale :)
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Re: Expert Advice Need please - 08 Tuned by STi engine

Postby bigBADbenny » Mon May 28, 2018 3:29 pm

As per your other post regarding same, any Postfl ej255 2.5t will do the trick, probably any wrx 08-14 2.5t, or any single avcs heads ej257, eg jdm STi forester of the same era... just keep your existing engine harness and swap it onto the new engine.

My08 tbSTi has the same engine, just has a different engine bay loom connector and loom.

As you found out, its a bad era for Subaru engines, avoid my08 (gfc)...
Best bet is a new ej257 short block with your recoed decked heads.

Rising sun, garage88, Benny’s Custom Works, Revzone or gotitrex are all good sources.

You need a better mechanic too, please don’t go back there...

How did you spend $5k on sale preparation?
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