Installing ESCAPE range roof racks.

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Installing ESCAPE range roof racks.

Postby Ric » Fri Oct 13, 2006 7:59 pm


These are rebadged ROLA RME bars.
First, remove the plastic covers from the mounting points using a small flat screwdriver.

The left and right side covers are different, but they are marked "LH" and "RH" so you can't confuse

Then install the four adaptors, which make up for the lack of roof rails.
Confusingly, the left hand ones are marked "R", and the right hand ones "L", because the tabs with the
correct letter have been punched out.
When fitted correctly, the adaptor covers the entire opening.

Use the grey "star" shaped key to do up the two screws.

Use the red "hex" shaped key to loosen the retaining bolts in the bars. Unscrew the bolt until there is
only 5mm of thread showing at the end (circled in red in this image)

Note that the front and rear bars are different. The feet are further apart on the front bar. (Mine had
a sticker saying "FRONT" on the rear bar!) The feet can slide in and out about 20mm to get the alignment perfect.
Mount the bars over the adaptors, making sure the retaining hook goes under the adaptor, then tighten up the bolt.

(note, when removing the bars. If the bolt unscrews but the retaining hook doesn't loosen, leave the red key inserted in the bolt, and give the end of the key a gentle tap with a rubber mallet.)


There are two sets of mounting brackets (front and back) which are identical.
Each bracket is made up from two halves, which slide together.
The lower two (for the hinge) go on the passenger side.
The upper two (for the lock) on the driver side.

Here are the two hinge end halves sliding together.

Hold the arm vertically, and insert the hinge end.

Then swing the arm down, and adjust the position of the end brackets so the lock engages correctly. (The correct seperation is 665mm, centre to centre).
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