MotoIQ video - "Why Subaru Engines Blow Up!"

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MotoIQ video - "Why Subaru Engines Blow Up!"

Postby Yowie » Sat Jan 13, 2024 9:35 am

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Re: MotoIQ video - "Why Subaru Engines Blow Up!"

Postby bigBADbenny » Sat Jan 27, 2024 7:18 am

I love it, especially the emphasis on unrealistic expectations.

What’s more, owners expect to be able to tune and run their engines to the limit or beyond, yet:

Don’t use obdii or external sensors to sanity check engine health…

Think that the ecu pulling timing or blowing up is the tuners responsibility, in the latter case usually when they asked for extra serves of “more” in their tune.

Basically owners who want extra power but without comprehending the how and why details that support the scenario.

Yet this is how the majority actually think. I remember getting dragged for insisting that blown up cars aren’t the tuners fault, the onus is on the owner.

Then for stock Subarus with owners that delegate all responsibility to their dealership or local mechanic, there’s the Subaru over-reliability issue.

In their happy place, all systems normal and in spec, Subarus are generally extremely reliable, and properly maintained and monitored, with some regard to basic considerations, they can do serious miles.

This is where mechanical faults, maintenance related wear and tear, pile on and the effects damage the engine or accessories, but before check engine lights are thrown, or if thrown, the car is driven regardless damaging it further.
The car is then repaired on the basis of the description of the CEL, without addressing the originating causes, which often results in the CEL returning.

At the lower end of this scale, we see faults like a stuck pcv valve, which should see regular maintenance eg cleaning or replacement, cause oil leaks, excessive crankcase pressure and eg failed turbos or cats.

I’ll go on.
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