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Re: MY08 Liberty GT Spec B Team White 6Man

Postby GTB Liberty » Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:52 pm

champ wrote:
GTB Liberty wrote:That it does ... Even my V8 owning mates are astounded at how hard it pulls. Looking forward to the drags next Wednesday to see if I can get into the high 12s.

Looking forward to your posted times :D

BTW where did you park your car for that to happen? :angry2:

Same place almost every night - at home. I don't have a garage being in a heritage aged cottage.

chaotic2050 wrote:GTB you have always been an inspiration for my car. Go team white!!!

Fuck people who screw with cars.

Thanks Kieran ... It's nearing it's modding end though. It was always about the journey and enjoying the changes and evolutions. Last and least will be some suspensions changes involving new springs and revalved Bilsteins. WA has effectively banned coilovers with it being impossible to engineer/permit if they can lower the vehicle below 100mm.

The odd bush to tighten what I dont like. Might upgrade the centre pipe / mufflers.

rooby wrote:On the plus side your car is super.

Thanks ... Subtle sleeper sledgehammer :lol:
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