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Postby jamescd » Mon May 07, 2018 6:16 pm

Pretty much the last post that will be in this thread, as the car is pretty much done.

A lot of reverting to stock, removed wrx 4 pots (sold with the rotors+pads), removed BC BRs and put the billies back in.

Also gave it a decent service, including changing the oil and water pumps and timing belt.

I was sent the wrong water pump at first which is annoying, but it was quickly fixed.

Pumps installed, and timing belt + tensioner on. New thermostat as well, and top rad hose.

All back together and photos taken to sell

Someone came for a test drive yesterday and said that there was a coolant leak from somewhere, had a look at the time and couldn't see anything, but jacked it up and let it run for longer today and found that the lower rad hose was leaking at the clamp.
Tightened the hose clamp and all is good.

If there is another post it will just be to say that the Lib is gone.
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