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Postby jamescd » Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:17 pm

Fitted the Perrin cover

Still have more to do on the maf scaling

Was driving the other week and thought the car had sprung another oil leak as a lot of smoke was coming from under the bonnet. Couldn't see an obvious leak and got it home. Jacked the car up and found that my front driver's side driveshaft had split the inner boot. While doing this I also discovered that my tyres had some severe inner wear. I ordered some new tyres and drove the car sparingly.

The new tyres arrived yesterday, I went with Nankang NS2Rs in 235/40R18, first impressions are good, will be interested to see how they perform.

I picked up a second-hand driveshaft on the weekend, and today fitted that.

Took the old one out. It was completely stuffed.

While it was out I decided to heat wrap the section of the exhaust that runs by the driveshaft in an effort to reduce heat fatiguing the rubber boot.

Shaft in, didn't want to go into the hub nicely, but got it in the end.

New axle nut on.

Another bay pic, just for the sake of it.

I have also adjusted all the coilovers to sit a little higher, I loved it low, but it didn't love me, something suspension related in hard turns while in reverse, and I scraped the bottom of the fmic on things, so it had to go up a little.

A few things to do
- New clutch pedal with bearing and billet clevis
- Re-run underseat sub wiring as it was causing a short, have left it unplugged in the interim
- Do some long drives to finish the maf scaling

Otherwise it's pretty right for the time-being, just small things
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