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Postby CJ1177 » Tue May 13, 2008 10:02 pm

As the title suggests post your sizes, colour & number of shirts for each size / colour you wish to order. Keep this thread purely for the ordering, as it could be easy to miss your order on the other thread, if I missed your order & its not listed below please re-list it or correct it in a new post.
The poll can be found here T-shirt Design Poll

Going by the poll we will be running with Version 5

This is the design for white shirts
This is the design for other coloured shirts

Code: Select all
===== Shirt Sizes =====
SIZE:        XS    S     M     L     XL    XXL   XXXL
HALF CHEST:  51.0  53.5  56.0  58.5  61.0  63.5  66.0
BODY LENGTH: 69.0  71.5  74.0  76.5  79.0  81.5  84.0


Code: Select all
SIZE         4K     6K      8K    10K    12K    14K
HALF CHEST   32.5   35.5    38.5   41.5   44.5   47.5
BODY LENGTH  43     47      51      55     59     63

"Shirt description 210 gsm, 100% cotton
Shoulder seam tape to reinforce the seam for stability with all over twin needle stitched for strong and comfortable finish."

Estimated costs (including postage to your local rep):
White: $25
Colour: $32

Please go here to pre-pay for your shirt(s)
(This is in the "Off topic" lounge. PM Ric if you don't have access there yet.)

These are the range of colours available

White Shirts
  • 05gtwagonman (QLD): 1*XXXL [paid]
  • Adam (NSW): 1*XXL [paid]
  • alcapone26 (NSW): 1*M
  • Arith (NSW): 1*M [paid]
  • Arith (NSW): 1*M [paid]
  • B-spec-liberty (NSW): 1*S[paid]
  • BlackGT (NSW): 1*XL [paid w/postage]
  • blacknwhite (NSW): 1*XXL [paid]
  • blacksjsgt (VIC): 1*XL
  • Brendan (NSW): 1*S [paid]
  • Brendan (NSW): 1*L[paid]
  • Chris (NSW): 1*XL [paid]
  • Chris (NSW): 1*K4
  • D_Liberty (NSW): 1*M [paid]
  • First Subaru (WA): 1*XXL
  • Gumbyy (NSW): 1*M
  • hks180 (NSW): 1*XL [paid]
  • jACE (ACT): 1*L [paid]
  • Kevlar (ACT): 1*XL [paid]
  • LI81TY (NSW): 1*M
  • Louey (NSW): 1*M
  • libsti (NSW): 1*XL [paid]
  • LIBER8ED (QLD): 1*XL [paid]
  • Moi (ACT): 1*L [paid]
  • Moi (ACT): 1*L [paid]
  • MY07GT (NSW): 1*M [paid]
  • netrace (NSW): 1*XL[paid]
  • nextmod (VIC): 1*L
  • Resonate (QLD): 1*S [paid w/postage]
  • Ric (VIC): 1*XXL [paid]
  • Ric (VIC): 1*L [paid]
  • Rosso (QLD): 1*M [paid w/postage]
  • RX_MY02 (NSW): 1*XL [paid]
  • smiley (ACT): 1*S
  • swingn (NSW): 1*M [paid]
  • Torpedo (WA): 1*S [paid]
  • Trieu (NSW): 1*M [paid]
  • Turtlez (ACT): 1*XL [paid w/postage]
  • VirIIx (NSW): 1*L [paid]
  • WeeGraeme (QLD): 1*XXL [paid w/postage]
  • Why (VIC): 1*L
  • Why (VIC): 1*XL
  • XRC15T (NSW): 1*M [paid]
=43 White shirts

All Coloured shirts
  • 05gtwagonman (QLD): 1*XXXL Black [paid]
  • Adam (NSW): 1*XXL Black [paid]
  • Arith (NSW): 1*M Black [paid]
  • Arith (NSW): 1*M Black [paid]
  • B-spec-liberty (NSW): 1*S Black [paid]
  • blacknwhite (NSW): 1*XXL Black [paid]
  • blacksjsgt (VIC): 1*XL Black
  • Chris (NSW): 1*XL Black [paid]
  • chriskan (VIC): 1*L Black [paid]
  • First Subaru (WA): 1*XXL Black
  • Gumbyy (NSW): 1*M Black
  • jACE (ACT): 1*L Black [paid]
  • kaycy (VIC): 1*L Red [paid w/postage]
  • Kevlar (ACT): 1*XL Black [paid]
  • kvn (VIC): 1*L Black
  • legacy rsk (NSW): 1*L Grey [paid]
  • libsti (NSW): 1*XL Black [paid]
  • Moggy (NSW): 1*XXL Black [paid]
  • Moggy (NSW): 1*XXL Black [paid]
  • Moi (ACT): 1*L Black [paid]
  • netrace (NSW): 1*XL Black [paid]
  • PHAT GT (NSW): 1*L Black [paid]
  • PHAT GT (NSW): 1*XL Black [paid]
  • Rosso (QLD): 1*M Black [paid w/postage]
  • RX_MY02 (NSW): 1*XL Black [paid]
  • sooobi (QLD): 1*L Black [paid]
  • sundayDriver (ACT): 1*M Black
  • Torpedo (WA): 1*K4 Royal [paid]
  • Torpedo (WA): 1*S Royal [paid]
  • Trieu (NSW): 1*M Black [paid]
  • Viriix (NSW): 1*L Black [paid]
  • WeeGraeme (QLD): 1*XXL Royal [paid w/postage]
  • XRC15T (NSW):1*M black [paid]
  • XRC15T (NSW):1*XS black [paid]
=34 Coloured Shirts

[White=40 K4:1 XS:0 S:5 M:12 L:8 XL:11 XXL:5 XXXL:1]
[Black=30 XS:1 S:1 M:7 L:7 XL:7 XXL:5 XXXL:1]
[Grey=1 L:1]
[Red=1 L:1]
[Royal=3 K4:1 S:1 XXL:1]

Coloured shirts are more expensive because we need a white base colour to be applied first (and there will be fewer => less price break).

We're also looking for one person in each state to handle distribution. Volunteers so far are:
  • ACT - smiley
  • NSW - brendans225 & CJ
  • NT -
  • QLD - sooobi
  • SA -
  • TAS -
  • VIC - ric
  • WA - TorpedoCreative

Update history:
19-05-2008 8:50a Ric - Added "netrace 1*XL Black"
19-05-2008 9:15a Ric - Added "sundayDriver (?): 1*M Black"
19-05-2008 4:50p Ric - Added "nextmod: 1*L White"
19-05-2008 5:23p CJ - Updated Sunday Drivers state (ACT)
20-05-2008 9:50a Ric - Added "PHAT GT 1*L, 1*XL Black"
20-05-2008 5:30p Ric - Added "First Subaru 1*XXL Black & White"
20-05-2008 10:21p CJ - Added "Black" shirt to Gumbyy
21-05-2008 12:09a CJ - Added "kvn 1*L Black"
21-05-2008 8:00a Ric - Added "WeeGraeme 1*XXL White + 1*XXL Royal"
21-05-2008 9:00a Ric - Added estimated cost per shirt
21-05-2008 7:00p CJ - Updated LIBER8ED shirt 1*L White
21-05-2008 7:10p CJ - Added LI81TY 1 shirt
21-05-2008 9:30p Ric - Added extra black M for Trieu
21-05-2008 9:30p Ric - Added "BlackGT XL White"
22-05-2008 9:00a Ric - Added payment link
22-05-2008 3:20p Ric - Changed LIBER8ED from L to XL white
23-05-2008 9:00a Ric - BLACKGT paid
24-05-2008 8:36p CJ - blacksjsgt state VIC
25-05-2008 9:50a Ric - set soobi's size to Large
25-05-2008 12:45p Ric - Added legacy rsk large grey
30-05-2008 8:30p CJ - Added XRC15T 3 shirts
04-06-2008 11:30a Ric - Added Adam: 1*XXL
04-06-2008 11:30a Ric - Added jACE: 1*L White & 1*L Black
18-06-2008 10:00p CJ - corected shirt order/numbers
19-06-2008 09:00p CJ - changed torpedo shirt size & added kids shirt
20-06-2008 08:50a Ric - Added small Royal for Torpedo
22-06-2008 05:45p Ric - Deleted second black M for Trieu, I think that was a mistake
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Postby blacknwhite » Tue May 13, 2008 10:22 pm

Sorry I meant 1 tshirt xxl
Thanks Pete
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Postby Moi » Tue May 13, 2008 10:30 pm

I'd like to order 2 shirts, both size large

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Postby Rosso » Tue May 13, 2008 10:39 pm

  • Rosso: 1*L

BTW what type of shirts are they? (as in fit - slim, normal?) :?


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Postby Resonate » Wed May 14, 2008 12:05 am

Put me down for a small. :wink:
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Postby MY07GT » Wed May 14, 2008 12:57 am

1 X M

So what was the cost per unit?

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Postby hks180 » Wed May 14, 2008 1:08 am

think i'll need a XL !!

One XL for me please

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Postby netrace » Wed May 14, 2008 7:21 am

1*XL for me please
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Postby sooobi » Wed May 14, 2008 8:04 am

Happy to be distributor for QLD... just need to know how much?

I'd want one.. L or XL depending on the fit..

Fit and price details required please CJ..
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Postby WhiteGTB » Wed May 14, 2008 8:12 am

I don't have a GT at the moment however, did have one and will have one :)

Can I still order?

1 X M for me please.
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Postby Deluded » Wed May 14, 2008 8:37 am

ok...i'll join in...

1 x medium thanks....
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Postby swingn » Wed May 14, 2008 9:28 am

1 x Medium for me!

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Postby smiley » Wed May 14, 2008 12:06 pm

1 small for me thanks :) i can handle for ACT if none of the other lads put there hands up
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Postby brendans225 » Wed May 14, 2008 1:51 pm

cj, please add Large (x1) next to my name along with my small, thanks :D gay brother wants one too :lol:


Brendan 1x Small, 1 times Large :D
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Postby Kevlar GT » Wed May 14, 2008 4:30 pm

smiley wrote:1 small for me thanks :) i can handle for ACT if none of the other lads put there hands up

Whatever works best mate, I am available for it too (got a PO Box for safer delivery too). Would be a good excuse to get another meet up going even if it is just a quick meet and pick up/piss off event.

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